Fossilized Flowers

  • Fossilized Rose Display in Fresh Flower Bouquet

A rose is a rose is a rose… Unless it is a Lisa Kelleher Fossilized Rose! Our exquisite life-like Fossilized Flowers are blooms that are frozen in time. Our secret alchemy preserves them at the peak of their perfection, never to wilt, never to die, immortal.

Forever fresh, you can add these delicate looking blossoms to your own real florals to create a look that is uniquely you! DIY or have your event/wedding experts wire these florets into fresh flower bouquets or wands, crowns, or any wedding decor!

Even better, have us craft them into a brooch style bouquet, an all jewellery floral crown, or, gasp!, all bling floral arrangements! The recipe is up to you. We have qualified florists on staff. No project too big, no detail too small, your imagination is the only limit as to what we can do with our Fossilized Flowers for you. Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Or if you would rather leave the thinking up to the experts here at Lisa Kelleher Mythical Accessories and Fashion Jewellery, you can pick from our special selections below.

The best part is that after the big day, these flowerets will be wearable jewellery forevermore!

Our Fossilized Flowers are available in the whole colour range of our Fantasy Focal Metal so we can perfectly compliment the theme of your event. Visit our Colour Charts page to help you decide.

Because of the 3D nature of our Fossil Flowers, not all varieties of flowers can be made into any style accessory. If you can’t find what you are looking for, visit our Custom Creations page. Let us know what you are thinking. We’ll put our heads together and see what we can come up with!

If you are purchasing any of our Fossilized Flowers to add to your own designs, they come as a complete piece of jewellery, to be wired by you or your local expert. If you are purchasing one of our Custom Created or specially selected Immortal Flower Bouquets and Wands, Eternal Flower Crowns and Hairpieces, Everlasting Flower Corsages and Boutonnieres, or Forevermore Floral Decor, they come pre-wired and assembled. To camouflage the mechanics, choose from floofy feathers, silk flowers or lace ribbon loops. To enjoy your accessories individually after the big day, simply unwire them and Presto!, you have lovely jewellery to enjoy for eternity.

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