Bridal and Mythical Accessories and Fashion Jewellery

  • Elf Runes Bridal or Cosplay Circlet Silver Crystal Ice

Welcome to Lisa Kelleher Bridal and
Mythical Accessories and Fashion Jewellery –
Beautiful Bling, Custom Creations!


Here you will find all you need for your
Alternative Style Mythical Wedding,

Cosplay and LARP Outfits, and Off-Beat Life in general!

We have:

Bridal Flower Crowns, Tiaras and Circlets
Bridal Jewellery and Accessories
Brooch Bouquets and Flower Wands
Wedding / Bridal Hangers
Fairy Wing Wedding Accessories
Mermaid Bridal Crowns and Footless Sandals
Elf Ears and Elven Crowns
Men’s Mythical Creatures Accessories
Dragon Wing Bow Ties and Boutonnieres
Glittering Unicorn Horns!
Phoenix Flame and Rebirth Iconography
Unisex Mythical Masquerade Masks

But the list doesn’t end there.
We are always updating and adding to our treasure trove of
Wondrous Wire Work designs.

A lot of our inspiration comes from you – so ask us about our 
Custom Creations – Jewellery Just for You.
Or we can personalise Something Special for Someone Special!

Each precious piece of our
Mythical Accessories and Fashion Jewellery Collection is
Proudly Handmade to order!
Take a look at our

Colour Charts
for all your choices for personalisation!

All Prices in USD.

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